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We invite you for the “Woman in the face of danger” Workshops – a unique combination of professional self-defense training for women, with tactical-combat elements and aspects of mental self-defense.

The training will be conducted by the SAJN System instructors in cooperation with the European Security Academy – one of the most prestigious defense training organizations in the world.
As part of the SAJN System, we have created a complete self-defense system, which is effective regardless of age, strength and physical fitness, and it takes into account the specificity of the most frequent assaults on women.

The training program is designed so that each participant, regardless of their previous skills and physical condition, can effectively defend themselves against the attack of the physically stronger attacker. Our training program is a response to modern threats, such as knife attacks or terrorist threats.

Innovative techniques allow participants to master defense methods in situations often considered as hopeless by people without prior training.

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Required gear



  • During the workshops, ladies will learn the principles of safe behavior, prevention and defense in the event of attack by one or more assailants:

  • How to improve your safety in order not to become the victim of an assault

  • How to free yourself from all sorts of grabs and holds

  • How to defend yourself in a lying position during rape attempt

  • How to defend against various types of attacks, including attacks with the use of dangerous tools such as knife, bottle or an ax

  • How to defend yourself in a variety of situations, such as in small spaces or after a fall

  • Techniques of striking and counter-attacking kicks

  • Defense against numerous attackers

  • Defense techniques not based on strength and physical condition

  • Additionally, as part of the workshops, we are planning:

  • Shooting training – familiarization with short arms, shooting training on one of the most modern and largest shooting ranges in Europe under the supervision of world-class instructors

  • Learning how to react and maximize your own safety in the event of a terrorist attack and an “active shooter” situation

  • Practical classes on how to behave in a critical situation (kidnapping, robbery, first aid), supported by the experience of instructors and current scientific knowledge

  • Mental training including techniques of controlling stress, psychological aspects of behaviour in difficult situations, knowledge about the psychology of aggressors.



  • SAJN System instructors, in addition to many years of experience in training uniformed services, special departments and bodyguards from around the world, have over 10 years of experience in running self-defence courses for women. Each subsequent course is for us, and our instructors, constant inspiration and great pride in participants who discover their abilities, acquire knowledge and skills priceless when it comes to increasing their safety.

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