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In today’s times, especially in the corporate world, more and more Principals are moving over to Covert Close Protection Details. Principals want to be protected but do not want to see or feel the agents around them. This is the skillset that this Covert Close Protection course provides.
Covert protection prevents potential attacks early on before they even get started and avoid all manner of problematic situations for the Principal.

The course is taught by specialist instructors who themselves have decades of covert close protection operational experience. They bring real world examples and simulations making the training intense, exciting and challenging.




The course is taught using a combination of classroom lectures, interactive exercises and field training simulations. The course will be taught at the ESA Academy and in the local town.

Skill prerequisits

Participants should have some prior Close Protection Training.

Required gear

Civilian – non-tactical clothing
Shooting glasses
Shooting ear protection like earmuffs, earplugs


  • The aim of the 5 -day Covert Close Protection Course is to develop the skills required to provide effective close protection for corporate and government VIPs, while operating completely covertly. This is an intense course which even seasoned Close Protection agents find challenging. The course combines classroom lectures, interactive exercises and daily in the field simulations providing the participants with the real world, applicable skills that will serve them well when operating. The course enables you to take all the protection skills you have already acquired and apply them in a subtle, covert and tactically advantageous manner.

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